How QR Codes Work

QR-Codes try to bridge a gap between the offline world and internet by including user interaction from the mobile web. See more QR Code uses.
When generating QR codes for use on business cards or in other places where print size is critical it's better to have a shorter URL, as it requires lower dots per inch (DPI) and basically results in a simpler code.
• SmallUrl QR Codes are dynamic, meaning you can change the QR landing page anytime after the QR Code has been printed or distributed simply by editing the destination URL from your smallurl account.

Make and Manage QR Codes with SmallUrl

Two different ways to generate QR codes:
1) Click Get QR on a freshly made short URL.
2) Add /qr to any previously made URL (e.g. smallurl/short/qr).

Smallurl makes it simple to manage your QR code URLs. Login to your account. Click Note tab and check box next to "Mark this URL as a QR Code", then click Update Note. Tagging as a QR Code will display an icon next to the URL - making it a snap to identify links being used in QR Codes.